In the mid-1960s complexity, speed and uncertainty accelerated disappearance of one iconic brand after another. They reached what I call a chasm and couldn't get across.A chasm problem is when you come to the end of what is working with no bridge or map to the other side.

This course will forever change how you look at and classify challenges and threats to your business and prepare you for crossing this current COVID-recession chasm.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Rex Miller is a futurist by training. He is an expert guiding clients through crisis. Rex works at the intersection of complex challenges including the common nightmare of delivering capital projects, workplace disengagement, the declining education system, toxic shadow cultures, schools and workplace health, and well-being. 

He is a six time Wiley author, winner of the prestigious CoreNet Global Innovator Award, a Texas A&M Fellow and a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional.

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